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Reviews of Liam Connor Tamne

Hi is very good as enjorus he is very very cute and i cant wait to see him again (Written by "susan (Guest)", 15th April 2012)

He is an amazing Enjolras, seen him in the role three times so far. His voice is superb and so is his acting skills. He makes Enjolras seem abit 'posh' wich i think suits the role amazingly well. I cant wait to see him again in this role, wich I know I will <3 (Written by "Louise (Guest)", 1st April 2012)

Saw the performance on 1st of October at 7.30 and I have to say it was truly amazing. He got such a cheer when he came on stage and although I have seen both him and Oliver Tompsett play Fiyero, he was definately the best mover and actor. I went with my school and whilst leading a standing ovation, I was nearly defened by my two friends squeals when he came on stage for the finale. Loved it!! (Written by "Clare (Guest)", 2nd October 2008)

I saw the 3rd of August matinee performance, and his performance of Fiyero was the best performance of all the Fiyero's I have seen. He was brilliant. (Written by "Hayley (Guest)", 4th August 2008)