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Reviews of Mazz Murray

She is like my mum and I have to say I love you Mazz Murray! (Written by "Kim (Guest)", 18th August 2008)

Utterly breathtaking. She is such an amazing killer Queen - this is by far the strongest cast of WWRY we've had! The important ones are staying on thankfully! (Written by "Guest", 30th July 2008)

Sensational! Stunning vocals and shone the brightest on stage. (Written by "Lauren (Guest)", 17th July 2008)

Mazz is absolutely BRILLIANT! She OWNED the role of Killer Queen. (Written by "Camille (Guest)", 22nd May 2008)

Her voice is utterly amazing. I met her after the show...which I actually think I was the only one out there...on the 5th of Monday. Mazz, you've definitely made a fan out of me! (Written by "Elphaba (Guest)", 7th May 2008)

Mazz is a legend, she has an amazing voice & performs the part of the Killer Queen you'd almost think it was written for her. (Written by "KiKi (Guest)", 24th February 2008)

She smiled and waved at us cos we were the only people standing up during the finale (it was a pretty quiet weekday performance). We were second row and quite a few of the cast were laughing at us making a crazy spectacle of ourselves. (Written by "Jacceb (Guest)", 24th January 2008)

Mazz IS the Killerqueen! Amazing performances every time!! Love you Mazz! (Written by "Steve (Guest)", 5th January 2008)

Mazz's performance blows me away, EVERYTIME! Rock on Mazz! (Written by "Anthony (Guest)", 20th December 2007)

I came from Holland especially to see WWRY for the 3rd time and Mazz is really fantastic!! (Written by "Ilona (Guest)", 20th October 2007)

Mazz is absoulutely brilliant and her voice is fantastic!! She is THE Killer Queen and it's a pleasure to watch her on stage! (Written by "Guest", 12th October 2007)

Amazing!! She's GREAT as the KQ!! Sharon D Clarke was good but Mazz is BRILLIANT!! (Written by "jev1989", 29th July 2006)

Brilliant!!! My fav killer queen! (Written by "greengirlstalker", 22nd May 2006)

Amazing as the Killer Queen! Such talent! What more can I say?! (Written by "Lilmzmelvin", 8th May 2006)