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Reviews of Daniel Reeves

Daneil is amazing he is lovely to his fans a true performer miss him loads (Written by "Gemma robinson (Guest)", 15th February 2011)

Amazing performer! Grreat Marius! He puts his all into everything! I miss him in Les Mis! He was amazing in Snow! The Musical and hope to see him back on stage soon! He is a star with a bright future ahead! (Written by "Lilmzmelvin", 7th May 2006)

Reviews from the old website
(written between 2000 and 2006):

Maria and Gina from Cambs: He's so little and cute and would make the perfect Marius!!

Lisa from Nuneaton: Cute and really quite good.

Tracy from London, UK: Was lucky enough to see him do Marius last week and he was amazing, especially given that it was his first ever time doing the role. Hope to see him go on again and again!!! Fab voice and looked so sweet as Marius.

Michelle from Essex: He's gorgeous!!

Maria from Cambs: Saw him on 27th Nov, and in addition to my above comment, have to say "I told you so!!" So amazing. Should have got the part, not understudy!

Laura Palmer from England: I saw Daniel perform as Marius last week and he was brill! He was just a bit better that Jon (soz Jon but I still love you!). His solo made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end and made me cry. And when he cried at Eponine's death, I wanted to run down there and give him a big hug. But I made up for that when I saw him after the show! He is so good! Can't wait to see him again!

Gina from Cambs: We were right, Daniel was a fantastic Marius *applause* Will have to try and see him as Marius again. "Empty Chairs" in particular was amazing.

Lucia from Bucks: You're such a lovely guy and I know u put up with alot from many of your lady fans but you never let it disrupt your performance. You always put everything into it. We all love u for who you are and we support u 100%. Don't worry, I'm not stalking u, I just want u to know how fabby you are. We all love u. Love Lucia.

Emma from Essex: Was really good to see him as Marius. He played it very well and I thoroughly enjoyed his 'Empty Chairs At Empty Tables'. He's also very good as Feuilly. And yes very cute as well! Can't wait to see him again!

Lucia and Charli from Bucks: We both think Daniel is so good at what he does (congrats). Looking forward to seeing him as Marius. We're really proud of you!

Gemma from Manchester: I saw him as Marius, and he was really good, and very good looking.

Scot from London: Wow, what a hottie!!

Laura from Amersham: He is a star and when he plays Marius he does it with such style!

Tracy from London, UK: Daniel is amazing as both Feuilly and Marius. Have been lucky enough to see him heaps as Marius just love watching him, his Empty Chairs at Empty Tables is always very moving. Beautiful voice and now with his own hair very handsome in both Marius' costumes and his usual black and silver Feuilly costume. Hope I get the chance to see him lots more.

Henners from Hertfordshire: I thought Daniel was a stunning young man when I recently saw him as Marius. I think he deserves to be Marius all the time as he has a beautiful face and voice and posterior. Good luck for everything Daniel. I liked meeting you backstage - thanks for the autograph!

Maria from Germany: I've seen him as Feuilly, and loved him from the very beginning. Can't wait to see him as Marius as well. Oh, and thanx so much for cheering me up on the 26th, Daniel. It meant a lot to me! See 'ya around!

Emma + Carole from Surrey: We love Daniel - he is a very talented perfomer and makes an excellent Marius (which we have seen on many occasions). He is a star!

Sarah from Surrey: I will always love you, Daniel! Daniel is the best! I was so nervous about throwing the flowers at him on 7th May but it went OK! He is the most amazing Marius and Feuilly you could ever see! He is the most lovely person at the stage door and couldn't ask for a better cast member!

Susan Tolfree from Beaconsfield: He is very good at Marius. I wish he does it for another year. He is the best and he is so cute. I would love to go out with him. I have seen him 30 times since last year.

Charlie, Laura and Fran from Essex: We saw you perform as Marius and we thought you were AMAZING! Also very talented actor and singer. We'll be going to see Snow this Christmas. Love you Xx.

Charli, Laura, Fran and Hannah from Essex: We think that he is a brilliant actor... He's also fab in his new musical, Snow! Much love xxxxx.

Susan Tolfree from High Wycombe: He is the best actor on stage. I hope he will come back to play Marius, he was very good at it when he was the understudy of it.