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Reviews of Ricardo Afonso

Love it (Written by "Caru (Guest)", 2nd September 2011)

As soon as I saw him I fell in LOVE! He is hot sexy and I think he is all round amazing. I am DEFINATLY going to see it again and again and again. All of my mates thought he was sexy especialy me. OMG you are fit Ricardo! I love you! (Written by "Guest", 11th December 2008)

By the way I just want to say you are well fit and sexy! I want a CD of your songs! (Written by "Jaz (Guest)", 11th December 2008)

He was awsome, we think he was absolutely mind blowing! He is amazing and we would watch him in We Will Rock You 3000 times and still not get tired of hearing his brilliant voice! OMG rock on Ricardo - we love you! Don't stop - you're IMENCE!! xxx (Written by "Jaz , Tom and Mel (Guest)", 11th December 2008)

Ricardo's voice makes my heart beats another rythm. I live in Denmark but lucky me I've seen WWRY twice. Both times with Ricardo as Galileo. Fantastic voice! Miss it so much!! Please record something!! (Written by "Helena, DK (Guest)", 17th October 2008)

He is amazing as Galileo and acts really well with Sabrina, I saw it on the 6th August and I can't get the songs out of my head, it was the best show I've ever seen. I really want to see it again!! (Written by "Ruth (Guest)", 10th August 2008)

What a voice! This man has it all going on! Amazing voice, amazing characterisation, looks! He is a brilliant Galileo. Works so well with Sabrina Aloueche too. (Written by "Guest", 30th July 2008)

He is one sexy beast! I totally love him. I'm going back to see We Will Rock You again as I loved it (and HIM) so much! :P (Written by "Ricardo Afonso Lover (Guest)", 26th May 2008)

He melts your heart, he's so hot, he's like on fire. Defo going back to see him. After the show me and my mates couldn't stop talking about him! =P (Written by "Joanna Harrold (Guest)", 26th May 2008)

He's hot hot hot! Sexy!! xxx (Written by "Hannah Waters (Guest)", 26th May 2008)

I saw Ricardo back when he was an understudy (11th August). He is by far the most amazing Galileo. And sooo sexy it hurts! (Written by "Jess (Guest)", 16th April 2008)

Saw Ricardo in January. Compared to other Galileos (in London, Cologne, Z├╝rich or Vienna) he is the absolutely best I've ever seen. Cute, a wonderful voice and he performs phantastic. Just GREAT! (Written by "Bettina (Guest)", 15th February 2008)

Damn this guy can sing! Hot as hell! A brilliant briliant performer. (Written by "Guest", 5th February 2008)

Hot!! (Written by "Paige (Guest)", 21st January 2008)

What a voice! What a dancer! What a performance! By far the best male vocals I've heard in a long time. As equally suited to the role of Galileo as his leading lady is in the role of Scaramouche. The chemistry between the two of them on stage is amazing, you really do want to believe what is being acted out in front of you. (Written by "KiKi (Guest)", 18th January 2008)

He's amazing, what a wonderful voice & he's rather good looking. Met him afterwards on the tube, couldn't stop grinning. But his voice - could easily fall in love with anyone with a voice that good. (Written by "JoJo (Guest)", 15th January 2008)

We went to see the show last night on the 13th of December and fell in LOVE! He is so dreamy!! Fantastic singer and dancer and had us shivering all night! Amazing!!! (Written by "Laura and Maddie (Guest)", 14th December 2007)

He's fantastic! I saw him on the 10th of October, and he's very handsome! He worked very well with Sabrina, although he's blonde now! Sabrina was also very funny! (Written by "Genni (Guest)", 14th October 2007)

I love this guy! He's my fave Galileo, I saw him as an understudy when Peter wasn't in, and I have to say, Best Galileo by far! =] (Written by "Jess (Guest)", 3rd October 2007)