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Reviews of Tim Morgan

Reviews from the old website
(written between 2000 and 2006):

Luta Lei from France: He is gorgeous. I just saw him in "Phantom" in London, as Passarino/Lefevre, and I thought he was great! I also had the pleasure of seeing him in the strange, but beautiful show "Which Witch" a few years ago. Go Morgan! Go Morgan!

Chris from London: Tied with Clive Carter, Tim's my favourite Javert. His performances in Phantom have likewise been second to none. Not only is Tim the definitive Firmin, he also makes the loudest Firechief, the creepiest Auctioneer, the most intelligible Lefevre, and the funniest Don Attilio you're ever likely to see. (Is there any part he hasn't played?!) As 2nd-cover Phantom, he's acquitted himself superbly: I've seen him a couple of times now, and he always turns in a bravura performance, trying out new things without going over the top (like so many other understudies might). He's got a great voice... and he sings some mean Gilbert and Sullivan too.

Elinor Hughes from South Wales: Bloody great - has a 'God-Given' voice. I should know - I discovered him! In school!