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Most recent member reviews of performers:
James Smoker - (24th May 2017)

James Smoker - (24th May 2017)

James Smoker - Hello. And Bye. (24th May 2017)

James Smoker - (24th May 2017)

James Smoker - (24th May 2017)

James Smoker - Ищете коды киви ваучеров, не нужно! (23rd May 2017)

James Smoker - hellow all (23rd May 2017)

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James Smoker - (21st May 2017)

James Smoker - (21st May 2017)

Most recent reviews of shows:
Jersey Boys - Ben Jennings is the Frankie! Absolutely brilliant performance from this actor once again! So much better than anyone else I have seen in this part. Voice perfect! (19th Oct 2016)

Beautiful - the Carole King Musical - Understudies: For Carole King: 1st Joanna Woodward 2nd: Vivien Carter For Gerry Goffin 1st: Dylan Turner 2nd: Joel Harper Jackson For Barry Mann 1st: Andy Coxton 2nd: Joel Harper Jackson For Cynthia Weil: 1st: Vivien Carter 2nd: Rosie Heath For Genie Klein 1st: Vivien Carter 2nd: Leigh Lothian For Donnie Krishner 1st: Ed Currie 2nd: Joel Harper Jackson (14th Oct 2015)

Mamma Mia - I saw the show on Broadway in 2009 when it was at the Winter Garden Theatre. me and my mom loved the show and the songs of ABBA. (21st Sep 2015)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - The show was amazing, all the cast performed so good, my favourite was Mike teavee (Harry valance) but all cast were amazing &#10084;&#65039; (20th Aug 2015)

Jersey Boys - Absolutely loved the show, thought the cast were brilliant especially Michael Watson + Jon Braydon. Fantastic to see it again. (19th Apr 2015)

Mamma Mia - Understudies Sophie Sheridan (1st cover) - Rosanna Bates Sophie Sheridan (2nd cover) - Brodie Mcbride Sophie Sheridan (3rd cover) - Nikki Mae Donna Sheridan (1st cover) - Shona Whie Donna Sheridan (2nd cover) - Sorelle Marsh Donna Sheridan (3rd cover) - Dawn Buckland Rosie (1st cover) - Dawn Buckland Rosie (2nd cover) - Sorelle Marsh Rosie (3rd cover) - Shona White Tanya (1st cover) - Sorelle Marsh Tanya (2nd cover) - Dawn Buckland Tanya (3rd cover) - Shona White 4th Katy Day Bill Austin (1st cover) - Stephen John Davis Bill Austin (2nd cover) - Matthew Barrow Bill Austin (3rd cover) - Richard Taylor Woods 4th Llyod Green Harry Bright (1st cover) - Matthew Barrow Harry Bright (2nd cover) - Richard Taylor Woods Harry Bright (3rd cover) - Stephen John Davies Sam Carmichael (1st cover) - Richard Taylor Woods Sam Carmichael (2nd cover) - Stephen John Davies Sam Carmichael (3rd cover) - Matthew Barrow Ali (1st cover) - Karina Hind Ali (2nd cover) - Heather Scott-Martin Ali (3rd cover) - Courtney Stapleton Lisa (1st cover) - Nikki Mae Lisa (2nd cover) - Katy Osborne Lisa (3rd cover) - Maria Garrett Eddie (1st cover) - Liam Marcellino Eddie (2nd cover) - Joshua Steel Eddie (3rd cover) - Brad Veitch Sky (1st cover) - Toby-Alexander Gibbs Sky (2nd cover) - James Evans Sky (3rd cover) - Liam Marcellino Pepper (1st cover) - Brad Veitch Pepper (2nd cover) - Joshua Steele Pepper (3rd cover) - Scott Sutcliff Father Alexander (1st cover) - Richard Taylor Woods Father Alexander (2nd cover) - Matthew Barrow Father Alexander (3rd cover) - Toby-Alexander Smith (30th Mar 2015)

Mamma Mia - BRILL MOVIE I LOVE IT SO MUCH (28th Mar 2015)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Understudies Willy Wonka (1st cover) - Ross Dawes Willy Wonka (2nd cover) - Derek Hagen (3rd cover) Richard Dempsey Grandpa Joe (1st cover) - Billy Boyle Grandpa Joe (2nd cover) - Antony Reed Grandma Georgina (1st cover) Nia Fisher Grandma Georgina (2nd cover) - Rebecca Seale Grandpa George (1st cover) - Ross Dawes Grandpa George (2nd cover) - Antony Reed Grandpa George (3rd cover) - Mark Iles Grandma Josephine (1st cover) - Kate Graham Grandma Josephine (2nd cover) - Laura Tyrer Mr Beauregarde (1st cover) - Derek Hagen Mr Beauregarde (2nd cover) - Matthew Rowland Mrs Gloop (1st cover) - Rebecca Seale Mrs Gloop (2nd cover) - Natalie Moore-Williams Mr Salt (1st cover) - Ross Dawes Mr Salt (2nd cover) - Antony Reed Mrs Teavee (1st cover) - Kate Graham Mrs Teavee (2nd cover) - Laura Tyrer Mr Bucket (1st cover) - Derek Hagen Mr Bucket (2nd cover) - Robert Tregoning Mrs Bucket (1st cover) - Rebecca Searle Mrs Bucket (2nd cover) - Gemma Fuller (5th Mar 2015)

Les Miserables - Carrie hope Fletcher is the best eponine in the world. Her performance is just stunning. She puts so much power and emotion into her performance and I balled my eyes out the whole way through!!!! &#10084;&#127467;&#127479;&#128557; (21st Sep 2014)

Jersey Boys - Not much improvement in the Frankie's since cast change! Really miss just how good this show was in previous years! Hope there is a big shake up next year! (1st Sep 2014)