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smallTALK with Linzi Hateley

What was your first experience with the musical Les Misérables in London?

Cameron Mackintosh saw me playing the role of "Carrie" on Broadway and offered me the role of Eponine to commence on my return from America.

What is your favourite memory from the time you were in Les Misérables in London?

One of the ensemble "broke wind" during the barricade scene and all the corpses shook with laughter.

What was the most embarrassing thing that happened during your time in London Les Misérables?

On one occasion the barricade did not part at the end of "On My Own" and would not budge and I was left not knowing what I should do - stay on the scene or exit - for what seemed like ages until they had to stop the show and fix the barricade.

What is/was your favourite scene from Les Misérables and why?

Eponine's death scene because I always found it very moving.

Would you like to be in this musical again? If yes, what role would you like to do then?

When I'm older I would like to play Madame Thénardier.


Article type: smallTALK 13th June 2003

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