- Reviews of Andy Mace

Reviews of Andy Mace

Reviews from the old website
(written between 2000 and 2006):

Reiko & Tomoko from Japan (currently London): He's the funniest diner at Thenardier's Inn. The interaction with Adam Jones as a drunken guy is great!

Alice from London: Wow, as small and support-ish most of his roles in Les Miserables were, he was a great actor who I wish would've gotten more "screen time". I had the luck of seeing him on his last night in Les Mis. He was hilarious at the Thenardiers' during "Master of the House", getting drunk and merry and all... But he was truly a great Bishop -- his voice was very nice, clear and soft, but held the perfect amount of urgency when he told Valjean to become a better man. And I absolutely loved the wig he wore -- sandy blonde hair pulled back. It looked great. ;) Even if he was more stately-looking than I ever imagined Bossuet to be, it's amusing to think of him as such.